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Machine Tool Services

Newland Machine Tool Group, Inc. offers comprehensive machine tool services on all makes and models of heavy-duty machine tools. Our specialized services and the skilled, experienced technicians that perform them, while extensive, ensure excellent value and complete satisfaction to our customers by design and performance. Whether you are looking for onsite service or extensive repairs in our facility, Newland Machine Tool Group’s goal is to provide the best service in the industry. For all your machine tool service needs, call on us to get the job done right the first time.

  •  Service – Whether you need fast and accurate front line service to your machines or require regular preventative maintenance, Newland  Machine Tool Group, Inc. provides the expertise and technical skills needed to keep you running at optimal performance.
    • Newland service technicians have a broad base of experience and knowledge on the popular models of machines on the market and in plants today. Whether it is electrical or mechanical; our expertise lies in diagnosing and fixing the problem quickly and accurately – the first time


  •  Preventive Maintenance – Extend the life of your investments by detecting problems before costly damage occurs. Our service technicians will keep your machines in top working order so you can schedule your work with confidence.
    • Service Programs designed to provide the coverage best suited for your facility.
    • Identify any potential problem before they develop into larger problems that cause machine downtime
    • Newland Machine Tool Group technicians arrive with the proper tools, ensuring the job is done right
    •  Keep all your machine tools in top operating condition
    • A service that will show a return on investment continuously over the years 
    • Oil system refill and filter replacement


  • Machine Tool Analysis – This is an in depth inspection of all machine axis’ and components; a service that we recommend on all machine tools over five years old.                                                 
    • Leveling & Alignment - Using precision levels, granite squares, straight edges and laser calibration equipment, Newland service engineers can verify the current condition of your machine tool. Various alignment tests and verifications include straightness, run-out, parallelism, squareness, bore alignment, shaft alignment, flatness measuring and more                                                                       
    • Laser calibration and Renishaw ball bar testing – ensures continued accuracy through a thorough test of a machines Squareness, Parallelism andPerpendicularity.   
    • Positioning and backlash inspection of all axis’
    • Complete inspection of all hydraulic and electrical lines and components
    • Comprehensive report on all analysis findings
    • Recommended repairs for all deficiencies detected






  • Retrofits/Rebuilds - Every company has one – the trusted machine tool that has been a staple workhorse in the plant, for years. It works competently enough and gets the job done, but with newer and faster machines on the market today; you wonder if you could achieve better performance and results with something else. When the investment for a new machine is not in the budget, consider a retrofit or rebuild of existing machine tools.
    • A viable alternative to purchasing costly new machines
    • Newland technicians will update your equipment by improving the mechanical and electrical performance in your current medium to large-sized machine tools
      • Improve the accuracy and overall performance
      • Maximize your automatic machining time
      • Ensure continuous machining without hesitation
      • Improve the reliability of your control system
      • Reduce cycle times of existing jobs
      • Increase your speeds and feeds
      • Allow for easier programming with increased features
      • Reduce maintenance time







1. Laser calibration does not include leveling and geometry adjustment.
2. Price for parts and services not described above will require written approval from the customer prior to work performed.
3. Payment Terms: Net 30 days after invoice.
4. Newland Machine Tool Group, Inc. is not responsible for defective or incorrect parts shipped from a third party supplier,
or loss of production due to machinery down time or part delivery.

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