Vertical Bearing Grinders



  • Standard swing diameters from 1250 to 3200mm
  • Larger machines available in special configurations
  • Fixed and moveable crossrail
  • Polymer base
  • Direct drive table
  • Hydrostatic table bearing
  • Motorized grinding spindle
  • Full enclosure
  • Mist collection 

Vertical Bearing Grinder Technical Specifications
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Newland grinders are designed for harmonics free machining for superior form and finish quality.

Machine vibration sources have been eliminated with direct drives for:

  • Table
  • Grinding spindle
  • Linear axis drives

Process sources of vibration have been mitigated by dampening with:

  • Polymer base
  • Hydrostatic table bearing

Exceptional quality is guaranteed with:

  • Precision grade linear roller ways and ballscrews
  • Linear glass scales feedback
  • Thermal stability from polymer base and temperature controlled spindle and hydrostatic bearing fluid

Performance enhancing options available include:

  • Tilting spindle
  • Dual spindle head
  • Dual heads
  • Automatic wheel changer
  • Single point, rotary plunge and swivel type dressers
  • Roundness compensation technology
  • Magnetic chucks


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